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Think back on your day for just a moment -- what were the feelings you had today? When you were by yourself ? When you were with others? If you reflect back on the day, you will probably recall the range of different emotions you felt, perhaps from joy, excited, positive feelings, to calm, serene, to maybe anxiety, anger, fear, frustration. Some of these feelings may have been triggered by other people, your reactions to them, whether they were physically near you or were only in your thoughts.

Becoming aware of how you feel around someone, and how your body responds, can help you better identify the type of energy the other person is broadcasting. It then empowers you to choose how to respond to this energy; do you need to distance yourself because it is depleting you, do you go into a neutral space and simply become the observer, or do you open your heart and connect with this person.

Take notice of your body posture: does communicating with a particular person cause you to straighten up or hunch over? Do you lean forward, or back away? Is your heart open or closed off with your arms crossed in front? Do you feel a lightness inside, a smile in your heart, ease, or is there a knot, a dread, a sense of drain? What thoughts arise when you are around certain people?

Once you begin to notice all these clues more clearly, you will feel your awareness heightened and the liberating sense of power, because it brings to consciousness the incredible gift we each have: the power to create the life we want.

Take notice, take action, shift your state from Stressed to Blessed!

Starting now, take action towards living the life that you want, with a clear roadmap to get you there. Click here to schedule your Free Strategy Session and let's start consciously charting your course to your Most Radiant Self!

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