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Once you decide and set the intention to rise above the struggles, pain, and obstacles, new insights will start flooding in on what next steps to take. Practicing the 5 steps below on a daily basis can help affirm the sense that you are being shown the way.

1. Be open to seeing the messages that the challenges are showing you.

2. Take action based on the messages and lessons from these challenges. They are for your growth and learning, to enrich your life.

3. Pay close attention to your emotions, your thoughts, your words. They have creative energy, and will be reflected in the state of your life.

4. If you are feeling stuck in an issue, move it outside of yourself and to the side. Be the observer as you look at the issue; this allows you to see it from a more neutral space.

5. Focus on what you Want, and not on what you don't want. See the things in your life that pull you towards them, versus the things you are pushing away from.

We are here to experience the richness of our experiences, to feel alive, to live with joy and purpose. When we live from this truth, the path of our true direction unfolds before us in its full magnificence.

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