The Little Deaths of an Open Heart And How to Rise Again, and Again, and Again…

Fragile -- Handle With Care

Sometimes that is the sign that shines gently as a soft neon light, on the outside of my heart. "How do you guard your open heart against pain that breaks it to pieces, to experience the unfathomable, yet still live the truth of an open heart?" I have asked myself. The answer is many-layered, learned throughout the years, yet simple at heart, as I reflect from this present Lookout point of my life.

One thing I learned is that it's OKAY to feel fragile, for contrary to what some may think, it is not a sign of weakness but an expression of your courage to be vulnerable and truthful to who you are at that moment. It's okay to feel a little lost, or broken, scared, invisible, hurt, angry -- seeing from inside the heart, inside a protective closed bud, it's like the whisper of a small child reaching out to be embraced, reassured, recognized, and loved.

And as I see my Self standing before this child, the Self that has endured, learned, grown stronger arms of Wisdom to hold her with, I can reassure with grounded confidence, strength, courage, gentle compassion, fearless awareness, and unconditional love. Like the phoenix rising, this wiser Self is the triumph over what serves me no longer, the ever upward Spiral of Life as I revisit an experience and perceive from a higher, more expanded perspective each time I come around that view again.

I found that the first key to rising after each little death is Total Acceptance for who you are, valuing yourself, as unique and powerful, loving every part of you.

The second key is Forgiveness, forgive others, and especially yourself, for when you forgive your heart becomes peaceful, and the true value of the experience unfolds before you.

The third key is Gratitude, to begin the day with awareness of what a gift it is to wake up to another day full of potential for you to create the life you want; and to fall asleep grateful for all the gifts of the day, your home, your bed, your favorite pillow you get to sleep on.

Key 4 is to take time each day to replenish yourself, with quiet time, exercise, wonderful nourishing food, walk on the beach, time with those you love and who uplift you in life.

Key 5. Sing, at least hum, every day, and dance a little or a lot whenever you can!

I often smile when I see those boxes that say "Lost and Found". Been there, done that…

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There is so much waiting to be created once we let go of old pains and we set our sight and energy into a fuller Present. Call and discover how to begin right away to live a more serene, grounded, and clear life!

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