Walk Your Way to Fit - Or Dance Your Assets Off?

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I was organizing my photo albums recently & I couldn't help but revisit the pages & memories of some of my earlier years. There I was, standing in front of palm trees and a concrete anchor that marked the entrance of the hotel of our favorite get-away island, Taboga. I could tell you of all the fun swimming, collecting hermit crabs, & fishing, but some of the most pleasurable memories were all the different combinations of Club Sandwiches on their menu! I relished each lunch time trying a different one each day, choosing the one that I would try next lunch time!

The photo I mention above makes me chuckle because I'm wearing a favorite striped green & orange top, the horizontal stripes were wide bands, making the beach-brown chubby roundness that was me, look that much rounder. At that time I was swimming, dancing ballet, & overall staying active, but my love for food (especially my mother's amazing cooking) was a stronger force in my life.

Eventually, as I entered my teen years, I became more conscious of balancing what I ate & of different fitness activities. Nutrition & Fitness became a lifestyle, a habit, integral to my Wellbeing in body, mind, emotions, & spirit.

I have explored different activities, schedules, routines & it has not always been easy to stay consistent with a schedule. But the important thing is to listen to your body, & to be flexible with yourself--it's okay to slow down, even take a break, then start moving again.

If you are having more break times, & finding it harder to start moving again, remember, KEEP IT SIMPLE! Start with walking a short distance, & gradually add one more block. If you join a gym & try a group class, be okay with doing part of it at first. What will help keep you motivated is to not only exercise with purpose, but make it an activity that suits you as well, your individual likes & lifestyle.

I came across the Color Fitness Quiz by Suzanne Brue (link is below) & found it fun as well as informative. I invite you try it & perhaps it will help inspire you to begin a physical activity habit, or revamp one that has hit a plateau.

Remember, our BODIES ARE MADE TO MOVE. Are you ready to Start…?


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