Listen to the Whisper Within

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Every day we make decisions, from the moment we open our eyes and choose how to greet the day, to the To Do List and priorities, to relationship and career choices, every one sets us on a particular life path we create.

Often it is the mind/ego that wants to command our day, the voice we hear loudly in our head. Yet, if we are quiet we can discover there is a whisper that tugs at your heart and soul, a gentle voice that resonates with your being, guiding you, showing you the next step. It could be as simple as reading a book, taking a walk, or making a phone call. It could be a very definitive or ordinary step that may not even seem related to a greater purpose in life, and still it is all connected.

When we know we are always being guided in our next step, we become aware of all the synchronicities in our life, of how simple, joyful, & clear it is. When we allow this whisper to guide our actions today, we can look back a year from now, and revel, have gratitude for all we accomplished, the treasures we have. And as we turn towards the future we can project into it with strength and

grace, empowered by our knowing, and joy in our hearts...

Every moment is a new opportunity... What New Start are you looking for?

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