Our Bodies Are Made to Move!

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I have been blessed that from early on in my life I learned the love of dance, play, climbing trees, bicycling in the neighborhood, playing outside with neighbors, swimming, & other sports.

As I grew older, and into my adult years, I continued to try and to love new activities that kept me moving, flexible, & energized. I came to love running, weight-training, step-box, surfing, kayaking, hiking, yoga, and trapeze! Stand up paddle boards are one of the fun workouts I've recently learned!

My passion and interest in this physical aspect of life opened me to understand the deeper effects and benefits of movement, not only for myself, but for my family, and my students. As a parent and as a Waldorf Class Teacher, I understood the importance that movement played in the development of the child. And created as many opportunities for it as possible, as fun, play, discovery, exploration, kinesthetic learning of the lesson.

The link below is to an article regarding today's growing number of children (and adults) labeled as having ADD and ADHD.

As James Brown said, "Get Up Offa That Thing!"

If this is a New Start for you, well, why wait? Just do it! :)


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