The Best Way to Open Your Intuition is to Listen to It...

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There have been different New Starts in my life over the years. When I opened myself to listening, I was invariably led through each transition with the support that was just right at that moment.

A few years ago, as I found myself parked in front of Thunderbolt Bookstore & with time still left in the meter, I was intrigued and was pulled inside to explore. A book kept drawing my eyes to it & it came home with me. It decorated my shelf for many months until at just the right time, it drew my eyes to it again -- I opened the book and began a journey of several years as the words written by Sanaya Roman accompanied me through the ebb & flow that is life.

This morning, as I looked towards my day, & contemplated what is currently unfolding in my life, this is what I opened one of her books to:

"It is important to go back and clean up your memories, for often the ego will bring you unwanted negative memories of the past that will hold you back. See the soul qualities you were developing during painful times....the insights, skills and attitudes you have today were developed during those times....

If you want to make the visions of your intuition real you must first capture its images, slow them down, hold them in your mind, and then be patient enough to carry them out in action. The moment yo capture your intuition, its vision becomes a memory, and thus become the past. It is important to rmember the past with positive thoughts for it contains the visions you are bringing into reality now."

Listen to the whispers of your intuition; following your intuition may require a great deal of faith & trust, flexibility & spontaneity. Just like Indiana Jones taking that first leap of faith step onto the seemingly empty space of the chasm between the rock walls, the support & pathway is there. Allow the flow of intuition to awaken your creative energy & increase your productivity, ease of action. Create fun moments in your life, play, see through the eyes and heart of a child...

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