"During the past 2 months, when  my marriage of 39 years was going through a difficult period, I was most furtunate to be introduced to a most wonderful lady.


Such a challenging time at this stage of my life at the age of 76 is extremely huge for me, and I must say being associated with a lady such as Mari Shintani I have been able to go though the biggest shift of my life.


Mari was able to use her multiple talents, knowledge, and wisdom to guide me to remain relaxed, calm, and centered.


I have heard so much about Mother Teresa, but I think Mari has all those qualifications; she is kind, thoughtful, compassionate, and knowledgeable.


Mari is a true humanitarian and is gifted in many aspects of life. Her guidance for me, my son and my wife has been incredible.


Mari is a top notch coach and because of her vast valuable knowledge and experiences, she can heal a very emotionally and physically weak person in a beautiful manner.


For the rest of my life I am indebted to her."


Nasir T.




"I am writing on behalf of my Spiritual Teacher, Colleague and Dear Friend. I have known Mari for a few years through a colleague that at one time was one of my Acupuncture Students.

I knew that she was a clinician that I needed to work with because I was going through some physical and spiritual challenges. Since I couldn't drive a car, Mari suggested that we meet on Skype as well as on the telephone. Several sessions were planned and completed with success.


Mari reminded me of another healer I met some 36 years ago from Japan. Being in her presence is experiencing a long Yoga Cleansing Breath. She is professional, Compassionate, well educated in the field of mind-body medicine as well as Mindful Psychology and Spirituality. To me, a good facilitator of healing is one who is like a “positive parent”. This means Mari with all her clients provides structure and guidance as well as being an advocate for her clients.


Her sessions consist of dialogue, sharing of ideas, and Cranial Sacral Therapy. Mari conducts her work as a guide, not as “The Boss” of the session. Her time with me and others is a team approach. The energy and intimacy of the sessions, both on Skype and on the phone, were for me as good as being in the same room with her face to face.


In summary, I have been in the education and integrative health field 50 years. I taught and supervised interns in Psychology, and both western and eastern medicine. To me as a client of hers and also a clinician I see Mari Shintani as the benchmark of a facilitator of healing.  The universe needs more like her."


Stephen C. Rosen Ph.D 

Professor of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Educator, Meditation Teacher, and Poet


"My experiences with Mari's various healing modalities have led me to think of her as my sensei, my fairy godmother, a fount of true womanhood and the divine feminine.


Yes, these are strong terms I'm using! The first thing you'll notice about her (besides her immense beauty and grace) is that she has an incredibly welcoming energy about her before she even speaks a word to you. I had never experienced anything like it. Once you begin exchanging words, she creates this compassionate and loving space for you to speak about your life and exactly what it is that you would like to improve. She is an incredible, considerate, and intent listener, and it would be an understatement to say the space she holds for you to talk, in and of itself, is a major healing catalyst!


During my first mentoring session with Mari, out of nowhere she dug up an obscure childhood dream of mine that I had never communicated to a soul before. What is more, in the most encouraging and intuitive way, she proceeded to connect the dots on how the root of that dream still applies to me today. It blew my mind. I'm not one who is prone to tears, but at one point I absolutely broke down sobbing in happiness because there was a moment where the God-love I was feeling pouring through Mari's words was so crystal-clear that I was overwhelmed with joy and deeply touched.  It's one of those moments in life where you can't believe the amount of powerful, supernatural love pouring, without reservations, from another human being. It's beyond words.


My Cranial Sacral Therapy sessions with Mari have been nothing short of incredible. I went home after the first session totally transformed. My body was more "still" than I can ever remember. I mean, like, on a molecular level!  That night, I had the most peaceful night of rest I can recall.  


After Mari works on you in one of these sessions, she shares the insights that she gleans from gently scanning your body and bringing in positive, healing energy to the places that can most use it (and we all have them!).  She is very real with you about what she observes, but she is such a caring soul that she can communicate these things to you in a way that totally uplifts you, sparks your curiosity, and motivates you. You will feel 100% at ease on Mari's healing table, and it's a real privilege to be there.  


Overall, my appointments with Mari have made me eager and excited to look at my life through a spiritual, healing lens, which my journey has led me to believe is the most effective way to actually knock out your "problems" in life on a root level.  


Our interactions have reassured me, made me ask questions, and vastly broadened my horizons in life.  I have always been a spiritual person, but I can easily say that Mari opened a new chapter in my spiritual life, and I am experiencing so much joy in this chapter, I can hardly even tell you.  


I can say from experience that Mari is the right person to go to in a personal or health crisis moment, but there's no reason to wait until then.   I guarantee you there is something she can help you with right now that will change your life for the good, forever.  


Allow this woman to heal you, sit back, and be amazed."


Kelly Stewart

Teacher at BOND Leadership Academy

“As a Teacher and Health Professional, Mari is knowledgeable and skilled at transmitting the information so that it is very understandable and applicable to my daily life.  Mari's CranioSacral Therapy sessions were profound in the deep relaxation I experienced during and beyond the sessions.  Within a short time I was able to feel less anxious, sleep more deeply, enjoy my hikes in nature more regularly, and feel increased joy and clarity in my work and life goals. Her years of experience enrich her teaching style as she is able to pull from practical experience.  In addition, the resources she shares are deeply inspiring and helpful aids in supporting the ongoing nature of creating the life I want. Mari is intelligent, intuitive and kind which is a perfect combination for amazing coaching and CranioSacral sessions.


I am grateful for her loving guidance through my life changing process and I recommend her services to my family, friends, and those who are ready to begin a new phase in their life.”


Edna Torbati

"I received a gift from a friend that was entirely unexpected.  And, it was for something completely unknown to me.  The gift was two sessions with Mari Shintani, Cranial Sacral Therapist, just one of her numerous areas of expertise.


At the time I met Mari, I was in the midst of a challenging physical rehabilitation process as a result of spine surgery.  The procedure was not only unsuccessful, but resulted in new damage affecting several nerves.


The two sessions with Mari occurred one week apart.  The first took place in my home and lasted approximately one hour.  Not knowing what to expect, I prepared my mind and spirit to be in a state of openness, being mindful to learn from and respect the unfamiliar talents and knowledge of Mari.  As the session ended and for the following couple of hours after Mari departed, I felt an ever so slight sense of coolness throughout my body, accompanied by a calmness and lack of physical pain. The latter, although temporary, was a monumental milestone.


Mari suggested I come to her office for the second session, exactly one week after our first meeting. As I stepped across the threshold and into her haven of serenity and rejuvenation, I had no idea I would undergo an epic, life-changing transformation.  


“In my end is my beginning.” More than a decade ago, I purchased a delicate charm pendant inscribed with this quote.  I wore it rarely. Nearly two years ago, I began to wear it daily and rarely took it off. Subconsciously, it became somewhat of a talisman.  Unsuspectingly, the day I met Mari in her studio would become the day I would experience, not only the beginning of my end, but also the beginning of my new beginning!


What began as a one-hour session ended more than two hours after its inception.  And, if I hadn’t experienced first-hand what occurred, and, rather, heard someone else relay such an experience … well, I would have been hard pressed to believe his/her story.


Such is the gift, wonderment and magic of life.  However, it is because of Mari’s knowledge, intuitive power, healing energy and generosity of spirit, that this unimaginable and entirely unexpected experience led me to accept the gifts of renewal, rejuvenation, self-acceptance and positivity.  The palpable energy, heat and power that coursed, literally, throughout my entire being were unlike anything I had ever experienced.  But, without Mari, this life-changing experience would never have occurred.


It is difficult to imagine that someone’s life, regardless of personal circumstances and daunting life challenges, cannot help but be enriched by Mari’s many gifts, knowledge and expertise.


I am, and will forever be, grateful to Mari." 



Geneviève Silberman


Agates and Pearls

"Logre sentir equilibradas mis energías al igual que sentí una inmensa paz interna logrando tener mayor claridad en mi vida. Se lo recomiendo (la practica de Mari) a todo el mundo que sufre stress, debido a que la terapia te ayuda a lograr un equilibrio energético."


"I was able to feel my energies become balanced at the same time that I felt immense inner peace, realizing a greater clarity in my life.  I recommend (Mari's practice) to everyone who suffers from stress, because this therapy helps you achieve an energetic equilibrium."


Diego Roman Garcia

Doctor en Parapsicologia

y Fundador de la Terapia de BioNeuroIntegracion