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Our unique Coaching programs are designed to meet the individual needs of the client and may either be goal specific or broader based when used to discover and implement significant life changes or to assist with carrying out a new wellness plan as recommended by your medical provider.


Private life coaching

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Types of Coaching programs:


Initial consultation:  The Forever Young Breakthrough Session is 1.5 hours and is designed to gain a clear understanding of your current life and discover the intention and direction for your next steps.

You will leave the session with tools to support you in taking action toward your goal or desired change.


Follow-up sessions: The follow-up session is 1.5 hours in length. 2 follow-up sessions are recommended (ideally) within a month of the initial consultation. The purpose of the follow-up sessions are to support and build upon the positive changes initiated from the Breakthrough session. Clients have the opportunity to learn additional skills to support and sustain positive change.


90 day programs: 90 day programs include 12 weeks of personal coaching and take you from where you are now to a more empowered version of yourself. Not unlike going to the gym with a personal trainer—real and visible change happens with the consistent support and action applied during a three month program. Each program is focused to the individual’s specific needs and desired goals.


In perceiving a person subconscious mind I can help identify the ‘hidden’ beliefs holding them back in different areas of life.


As a Alternative Psychology Practioner, I am able to access information, receive answers, guidance, and wisdom that is inherent in all of us.  This information helps us reprogram what is held in our subconscious that no longer serve us with empowering new awarenesses.