About Mari Shintani

Throughout my travels and life experiences, I have been a humble student of all they had to teach. I am here to help guide and assist others in similar journeys, who are ready to grow and expand, bring more aliveness and joy into their lives, to share with you the synergy of all that my integrative approach to health here at Aloha Ai Wellness offers.


My background and passion include dance, movement, love of nature, horticulture, nutrition, Montessori and Waldorf education, Alternative Psychology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, spirituality, ordained minister of Universal Ministries, and meditation.


Bringing balance into your life, you can be empowered by self-knowledge.


Are you ready to experience life-changing aliveness and growth? To transform your Health?  Open up to all the potential of love and joy in this journey that is life…


Aloha Ai Wellness is based in the city of Los Angeles, California.




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Born in Osaka, Japan, my life journey has taken me to

experience the gifts from different cultures, countries, and

people, from Japan to the United States, Panama, Hawaii,

South America, Indonesia, and other beautiful places of

this earth.





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