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Are you going through a major life change, feeling tired, stressed out, unappreciated, ready to release the weight that does not define you? Action Cures Fear! Schedule your Free Forever Young Breakthrough Session.  It is Your time.  Let your Beauty Shine, smile from your heart...


Your Greatest Self.


I help and coach you to listen and access the profound healing intelligence of your body.


As you master one level, the next level opens up for you. Be aware of the doors that open and consciously take the steps that take you through them.






When your life is flowing in abundance of all that enriches you, nourishes and supports you, then you have thrown open the gates to personal Freedom!


The mind is a mansion... are we content to live in the lobby?   Dr. Dolores Seymour.

Mari Shintani

let Yourself
Make your commitment to your growth a priority.

It is a gift to yourself.  You deserve it!


Bring balance and center into your life, become flexible, and you will know your own personal power.



My mission is to Empower men & women who are feeling the challenges in life & are now ready to turn these challenges into solid building blocks, to discover what is possible, & create the life you truly want.


Discover how readily you can finally experience the Youthful, Empowered life you deserve.   Realize your unlimited potential in every area of life.  The time is Now, to slow down Stress induced aging, have more energy, wake up excited, & pain-free.  Call us, take the first step into your ideal life...


"As I look back to where I was and where I am now, it is like coming from darkness into light."

Rhonda Sudbrink 




"Mari’s knowledge, intuitive power, healing energy and generosity of spirit...led to the gifts of renewal, rejuvenation, self-acceptance and positivity.  The palpable energy, heat and power that coursed, literally, throughout my entire being were unlike anything I had ever experienced.  I am, and will forever be, grateful to Mari."

Genevieve Silberman

"Mari's CranioSacral treatments are WONDERFUL, and very relaxing.  They put your body in a unified field of energy!

I recommend Mari to ANYONE who needs to recalibrate."

Valerie Heath

President of Heaven and Oasis

"Se lo recomiendo (la practica de Mari) a todo el mundo que sufre stress, debido a que la terapia te ayuda a lograr un equilibrio energético."


"I recommend (Mari's practice) to everyone who suffers from stress, because this therapy helps you achieve an energetic equilibrium."


Diego Roman Garcia

Doctor en Parapsicologia


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Transform your life! 

Find healing & renewed energy with our Integrative approach to your unique individual needs. 

Take the next step towards the life you want, discover what is possible. Why wait another moment?

Mari Shintani

for Integrative Health & Wellness Life Coach, CranioSacral Therapy 



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